Jun 10, 2012

Sunday's Inspiration

is grateful for peaceful nights with easy friends! Sometimes we all just need to slow down, breathe deeply, clear our minds and simply smile! Life isn't a race or a competition! Love every moment, every day! It is too short to be upset or unhappy! SMILE and ENJOY each day that you are given! They truly are gifts!! Make it a SENSATIONAL Sunday!! ♥


  1. I have found this piece so nice and simple. It’s true often we take our life as a competition since our childhood. That competition becomes tougher when we grow. Someday unknowingly this race becomes our integral part of the life. We forget our smiles, our simple things, happy moments. We become so mechanical!

  2. Did you know that, since you were a newborn, you’ve been programmed to recognize and respond to a smile? Babies will ignore or turn away from a scowling face, but respond with joy to a smiling face. As we grow older, the smile takes on even more significance. But what makes a smile beautiful? For sure, teeth with good proportion and balance are part of it, but a lovely smile needs more than well-shaped teeth.