Oct 3, 2015

How to get the UNIVERSE to GIVE YOU what you want!

What they say is SO TRUE...

What you FOCUS ON.... 


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1 comment:

  1. Mind power to give you what you imagine is increased by waking up the brain. The fact that if I forget something, like a name, and later remember it again proves that we do only use a lesser percentage of our brains. By increasing the percentage of our brain use we increase our power to get what we want by imagining it. "Normal" brain use is only 10% brain use. From 30% to 40% brain use whatever we write will become our reality. From 40% to 50% brain use whatever we say will become our reality. But, from 50% to 100% brain use everything we think will become our reality, and, who can control every thought? Parasympathetic nervous system stimulation, e.g. vagal stimulation, increases your percentage of brain use, by over riding the brain's inhibitory neurons. This has been the most suppressed secret in history.