Jul 16, 2015

How to become a HAPPIER PERSON...Guaranteed!!

4 Easy ways to become HAPPIER!!

If there were a magic pill that led to higher levels of self-esteem and happiness, would you try it?
I’m betting you would.
Well here is some good news: there’s no need for pills or money or magic. In fact, the solution is both free and easy. It’s called volunteering, and it’s proven to make you happier and healthier. All it requires is an open mind, full heart, and a few hours of your time.
Here are four reasons WHY it WORKS:

1. You make new friends.

As an adult, meeting new people is tough. But it’s proven that people with an extensive social network are happier. What’s a good way to create that group of friends? Volunteering.
Look, social media is great but it's even better to actually get out there and MEET new people in person! See someone SMILE at you or better yet, have them SMILE BACK! New people mean learning new things and opening yourself up to new opportunities!!
Volunteering = friends. Friends = happiness. It’s a pretty simple equation, if you ask me!

2. You learn new skills.

Learning is one of the best ways to engage your mind, and in turn, make you more satisfied with your life. When you think of learning, you may picture a classroom and textbooks, but I think real life experience is a much better teacher. And one of my favorite ways to learn new skills is through volunteering.
Is there a skill you want to learn? Or a foreign country you’d like to discover? How about a language? Or perhaps, you just want to learn more about yourself.
Whatever it is, there’s a volunteering opportunity that will help you achieve your goals and bring positive change to your life

3. You boost your self-esteem.

Loving yourself is one of the keys to happiness. You may be thinking, I don’t know anything or I don’t have anything to offer the world- but you are wrong.
The truth is~ I don’t have a lot of practical skills: I can’t cook, teach art or do construction, at least not that anyone would want to live in!
Whatever you’re good at, and passionate about, there are causes that need your light and love. You could walk dogs at the animal shelter or deliver meals to the elderly; even if you can't leave home, there are online volunteering opportunities you can do from right where you are~ behind your computer.
Seeing how you—yes you!—can help make the world a better place is one of the greatest self-esteem boosters you’ll ever experience. I PROMISE!!

4. You feel fulfilled.

What’s even more important than happiness? 
Fulfillment: the feeling that you are contributing to something bigger than yourself. Some people find it through their careers, some through their family, and some through their art. Me? I’ve found it through volunteering.
Whether you call it the “warm and fuzzies,” or simply just “feeling good,” giving back to others will bring you happines!!
There have been times in a moment of volunteering where I felt what I was doing couldn't have a price put on it! I felt a tremendous HIGH simply be connecting with another human!
Listen, if you want to add a little sunshine into your life, try bringing it into someone else’s first. So STOP making excuses and just go for it. Your world—and your soul—will thank you.

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