Jan 15, 2015

How just ONE YEAR can change relationships!!

Time to REFLECT on ALL your relationships!
The one thing CERTAIN in life is 
To make room for NEW sometimes 
we must remove the OLD!
How has ONE YEAR changed your life?
Let's make some CHANGES for the BETTER!!!

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  1. I so admire how much you have grown, LeeAnne! Being UNAFRAID to change takes courage and humility. You have both, and I just love ya to the moon and back!

    Leighanne~ aka bullie

  2. LeeAnne You Have Such a Wonderful Spirit! You will Always be the Queen of Dallas!! I’m over the moon excited for You & Rich! I pray that Bravo does a show for Ya’lls wedding!! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!! #QueenOfDallas #LeeAnneNRichRGettinHitched #MrNMrsEmberlin2018