May 27, 2013

Monday's Inspiration 05/27/13~ Happy Memorial Day!

For many, 
Memorial Day is a reason to get together and celebrate a day off 
but PLEASE REMEMBER while you are having fun, 
that there is a COST for your FREEDOM! 
SO the next time you see 
an active duty soldier or a veteran, 
SAY THANK YOU and shake their hand!! 
Their sacrifice is why YOU 
have the FREEDOMS you do! 
Take a moment of silence for the those who GAVE IT ALL! 
And if you can, 
HELP A SOLDIER struggling to find his way!! 
Make this a MEMORIAL DAY filled with COMPASSION!!


  1. Definitely hard to remember why we celebrate today. Most just see it as a free day off. I doubt my son even realizes why he has school off.

    1. We need to remind the younger generations of the sacrifices that have been made for THEIR freedoms! Hope your weekend was BLESSED! =D