Jun 6, 2012

This Concealer ROCKS!

A very long time ago I was addicted to Shu Uemura's concealer and when they decided to stop making it... well YOU could imagine my panic. I was lost until one bright day my darling friend, Marie Reyes (Owner of SkinSpaMed by the Galleria) showed me the ColorCorrect concealer by Dallas' own Susan Posnick. I LOVED IT! It was shaped like the one I had and the colors matched my skin perfectly. In case you wanted to know, I'm a C1. Now I sit, fingers crossed, that Susan never stops making it.
Here's how her website describes this miracle stick~
ColorCorrect is a dual ended brightening/correcting pencil in a revolutionary cream formula in shades to match every skin tone.

Brightener (lighter color on the top) fills in under eye area and softens lines on the face. Highlights cheek and brow bones. Use just outside of the lip line to create fuller lips.
Correcter (warmer color on bottom) neutralizes discolorizations on the lid and underneath the eye, and camoflages imperfections, sunspots and redness.

Want to know where to find these "gems" I can't live without? Well, luckily she has her very own website that you can order from and they are only $22 a piece! A real steal when you are trying to cover something up! Check out her whole line at and let us know what YOU think! Happy Concealing!!

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